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How to get there

Flights to the Seychelles Most visitors to the Seychelles arrive by airplane. Flights from the UK take between 9 and 14 hours, and there are direct flights available from London, as well as flights with layovers from all larger British airports. The best way to get around Seychelles depends on where you're based: Bus service is commendable on both Mahé and Praslin, while visitors to tiny, flat La Digue would benefit most from a bicycle.

Most visitors to the Seychelles arrive by airplane. Flights from the UK take between 9 and 14 hours, and there are direct flights available from London, as well as flights with layovers from all larger British airports.

All international flights land here, and the airport has regular scheduled flights to Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Many different airlines fly to the Seychelles. Direct flights to the Seychelles from Russia are offered by Aeroflot.

With a direct flight, you can reach seychelles Seychelles in approximately seyhcelles - 10 hours. Some travellers prefer to have a layover along the way in order to stretch their legs for a few hours during the flight. If you book an indirect route then you can also seycjelles other wonderful destinations such as Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Doha. You could even spend a few days there before starting the second half of your holiday in the Seychelles.

From the airports in the Middle East, you will reach the Seychelles in around 5 hours. We will also gladly organise accommodation for you if you book a layover in one of these destinations. Which flight you take may also depend on where you will be departing from, how much the flights cost, and what connections are available.

We will also gladly help you to find the now flight for your holiday to the Seychelles! At the same time, this flight can be a real highlight of your holiday as you can enjoy aerial views of beautiful sights, including smaller islands and the Sainte Anne Marine Park.

Domestic flights in the Seychelles are run by Air Seychelles, the national airline of the T. Thankfully, the lounge, which was opened inis a good alternative, allowing you to spend time waiting comfortably.

Besides an a-la-carte menu, buffet, and open bar, the lounge offers a wellness area where you can relax and take a shower. The Kids Area also means that children are well looked after as well. The lounge is located before security check in the Domestic Terminal, above the counter on the first floor, and just 1 minute away from the International Terminal. The remaining regulations remain unaffected.

The aforementioned cancellation fees will not be charged by SeyVillas in any case even if the Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning or an absolute travel ban for German citizens. Certified Seychelles What do chlamydia look like. Travel Guide Content. Flights to the Seychelles Most visitors to the Seychelles how can i open a dollar store by airplane.

Welcome to Paradise! Which direct flights exist between the UK and the Seychelles? From numerous other British cities, you can take British Airways or partner airline flights to London, usually with a relatively short layover before your onward flight to the Seychelles. How much do flights to the Seychelles cost? How long does it take to fly to the How to get to seychelles Direct flights from the UK to the Seychelles take around 10 hours. Flights with a layover usually take at least 12 hours.

How much luggage can I take to the Seychelles? Seychellrs allowances vary from airline to airline. In general, if you book economy class, you can take 20 - 23 kg of checked how to get to seychelles and 5 - 10 kg of hand luggage.

Business and First Class tickets usually have different luggage allowances. Depending on your booked option, you may have 25 - 50 kg of luggage allowance.

We recommend checking your luggage allowance with your airline in advance of travelling. You should also check how much luggage you are allowed to take on domestic flights once you are in the Seychelles.

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The majority of the Seychelles' islands are uninhabited, with many dedicated as nature reserves. The most convenient route to the Seychelles is by air to Seychelles International Airport (SEZ), located on Mahé Island 11km (mi) southeast of the capital city, Victoria. Flight times to the Seychelles. Nov 12,  · The Seychelles requires at least 2 long-haul flights to get to from the U.S., one of the main reasons why American travelers may look elsewhere for their beach fix. As is the case when booking most long-haul flights, it’s best to search for award availability far in advance to increase your chances of booking the flights that you want. The only way to get inside the island of Seychelles is via airway. Due to some restrictions, mainly for environmental protection, even getting in via waterways is not a feasible option. How to Reach Seychelles from India Direct flight to Seychelles is available from Mumbai via Air Seychelles.

Skip to main content. All things to do in Seychelles. Seychelles Flights. Prefer nonstop. Include nearby airports. Find flights. Flights from Amsterdam to Seychelles Victoria. Places to explore in Seychelles. A day on foot is ample time to see Victoria, one of the smallest capitals in the world. Located on Mahe, one of the Seychelles' granite and coral islands, Victoria is the republic's business and cultural hub. At its center sits the Victoria Clocktower, a national monument reminiscent of London's "Big Ben" that has kept ticking since , unaffected by the modern glass and concrete development around it.

Visit the local art galleries and craft markets to soak up the city's friendly charm. Soak up the sun in style while you keep a sunglassed eye out for the very rare bird species that dwell on Praslin, including the Seychelles bulbul and the black parrot. Divers love the ancient coral reefs off Praslin's shores. Every week, at least 83 domestic flights depart from Praslin Island Airport. Seychelles Intl Airport offers nonstop flights to 9 cities.

Every week, at least 70 domestic flights and 67 international flights depart from Seychelles Intl Airport.

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