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13 Simple Ways to Organize Your Home & Simplify Your Life

The 5 Golden Rules for How to Organize Your Stuff Keep Less Stuff. Have you ever noticed that minimalist homes always look organized? It's much easier to stay organized Group Similar Items. An organizational system is easiest to maintain when it's logical. Many people prefer to group like Keep. Nov 27,  · Get in the habit of making your bed every single morning. If you want to keep your house organized all week long, this small organization task will be the thing that starts the momentum. 3. Make sure all your belongings have a designated place.

CNN Underscored is your guide to the everyday products and services that help you live a smarter, simpler and more fulfilling life. The content organizex created by CNN Underscored.

CNN Organize staff is not involved. When how to keep things organized make a purchase, we receive revenue. We like to keep things organized here at CNN Underscored. Some creatives thrive under the mess. But many folks find the clutter distracting. If you fall into the latter camp, keeping that surface neat kee; organized can help you feel more prepared to take on the workday.

Some monitor risers, like this one from Well Weng or this model from Bambloomalso offer space for storage, which is a nice one-two punch thnigs a monitor riser is great for ergonomics if your display is too low the top bezel should be close to eye leveland you have a place to store odds and ends.

Models with drawers underneath not only let you keep items kep but also lead to a cleaner aesthetic. For example, you can hang your video game controllers on the side of your entertainment unit with these malleable hooksor put your TV remotes in this wall holder next to the couch. You can do the same with your over-ear headphones, which are a godsend when working from home.

Instead of laying them on your desk, couch or bed at the end of the day, hang them on a hook mounted under the desk. Actually, since CNN Underscored writer Whitson Gordon reviews headphones for a living, he has an entire wall of these to ieep the sometimes dozens of headphones during testing. Speaking of the underside of a desk, you can use it for much more how to write great essays pdf just headphones.

You could do the same with a USB huba fingerprint scanner or anything else that connects to your PC. First things first: Instead of unplugging everything from your laptop when you decide to move rooms, consider a laptop docking station like this one from Lention.

Did we mention it doubles as a laptop stand as hlw You could, though, opt for a more thungs desktop hubone that clips on your desk organzied one that docks to the side of your MacBook — then stick the whole thing on an ergonomic riser. Next, you can bundle that mess of cords together with some simple cable ties.

Most tech reviewers prefer Velcro tiesand they can work great — but we really like these rubber Gear Ties from Nite Ize. By subscribing, you agree to our privacy policy. CNN —. Whenever possible, find ways to make use of the empty surfaces in your office, whether it's the sides of walls and cabinets how to save a life lyrics deutsch how to keep things organized underside of your desk.

You can bundle that mess hiw cords together with some simple cable ties. Note: The prices above reflect the retailers' listed price at the time of publication.


Apr 19,  · We like to keep things organized here at CNN Underscored. But if you're stuck working from home and don't have a lot of space to store your gear, you're probably finding yourself buried under a. Jul 07,  · Really keeping your house organized is about two things: not having too much stuff, and setting good habits. If you get in the habit of putting your things away immediately instead of procrastinating and just tossing them on the floor, counter, bed, .

Simple Living. Focusing on clearing the clutter first. The goal of organizing is making your home easier to manage. So you can spend more time living and enjoying your life, instead of just cleaning up after it! Having an organized home not only helps keep your home tidier and easier to keep tidy. Organizing your home is all about finding ways to make your home function better and be easier to manage. And in turn, helping your days run smoother. You might think you need more or new bins, baskets, containers, etc.

And finally, organized clutter is still clutter. Even organized clutter will still end up making your home more difficult and time-consuming to manage. Here are 13 easy ways to organize your home to help make your home easier to manage and your life simpler! Before even starting to organize your home, always declutter first. Clearing the clutter first will save you time, energy, space and even money when you start organizing.

When you have less stuff to organize, you can buy fewer, or even no baskets, bins or other organizational products. Helping your house stay tidier and more organized. Having less stuff means fewer things to find homes for.

And also lets you avoid having to cram too much stuff into the space you have available. Another simple way to keep your home more organized is to store things where you typically use and need them.

It takes less time and effort to put things away in their spot when their spot is easy and convenient to access. If its spot is upstairs in your bedroom, you might end up leaving the book on the coffee table instead of putting it away. It might not seem like a big deal for each individual item. Leading to clutter, mess and general disorganization. But if you have to open the drawer, move some products, lift up one container, then open the lid of another and put your makeup away, you might be less likely to put your makeup away consistently.

Another important thing to take into consideration when organizing your house is to find ways to work with your natural habits and tendencies rather than against them.

For example, if you tend to drop incoming mail on the table in your entryway when you walk in the door, having a complex filing cabinet in your upstairs office might not work for you. Instead, a basket on the entry table, or a simple filing system hanging on the wall beside it to keep paperwork contained, organized and easy to find when you need it might work better. Giving each item or category of items a clearly defined home.

And know exactly what goes where when putting things away. Not only will it be easier to find, use and put away the things you need. For example, boxes and containers from food items like cereal boxes, fruit, etc.

Boxes from electronics make excellent drawer and shelf dividers too! You can even use paint, decorative paper or wrapping paper to dress up upcycled boxes and containers to use when organizing.

Then that space limit keeps you from accumulating more than you will use, need or enjoy. For example, if you love knitting, you can decide how much space you are willing to devote to yarn storage. When that space is full, it will remind you to use up what you have before buying any more. Another really simple way to organize your home and help it function more smoothly is by labelling the spot where each item lives.

It can be as simple as labelling the space with washi tape and a permanent marker. Or using tags, labels, label makers, etc. Not only do labels make it easy for you and others to find things. But even more importantly, it makes it easy to put things away where they belong so your home will stay tidier and more organized in the long term.

Again, aim to keep your organizational systems as simple and easy to maintain as possible. But choosing to use more hidden storage as opposed to open shelving, or storing things in more visible places, may work better for you.

Clear the clutter, then decide if more open or less visible organizational systems will work better for you. Another easy way to reduce visual clutter is by removing items from their packaging to simplify and streamline how your organized spaces look. The kitchen is a great place to remove packaging to reduce visual clutter.

Try taking food items out of their packages when possible and storing them in simple containers instead. Not only does decanting food items save space and reduce the visual clutter that packaging creates. But it also makes it easy to see and keep track of how much of each item you have. A clutter catcher is a spot that quickly and easily seems to collect clutter and become disorganized, messy and no longer functional.

Notice what kind of clutter these spots are collecting. Then see if you can come up with an alternative or better way to handle those kinds of items to keep them from causing clutter in your home. And finally, the last tip to keep your home organized and running smoothly is all about maintaining the organizational systems you set up.

The easiest way to keep your home organized long term is to do quick daily resets to put things away where they belong and prevent clutter and mess from piling up. Taking a few minutes at the end of each day to reset your spaces is a great way to not only keep your home tidier but also make sure it stays organized too!

And help it function more efficiently too. Just the opposite in fact! There are plenty of ways you can organize your home simply, frugally and in a way that makes keeping your home organized easy!

Work with your natural habits and tendencies: Your mail on the table example is our biggest challenge. I am learning that finding the right method takes a few tries. Give yourself defined space limits: Yes!!! This tip has been instrumental in my decluttering journey!!! Thanks Vickie! Trying a few different things until you find what works best for you. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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