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How to Start a Phone Case Business From Home, Step by Step

Jun 25,  · The 2nd half of the phone cover can have our image or text. Let’s add an image to the cover now. Add Image: Click on Add Image Button and you will be presented with 3 image upload options as seen below: You can Upload the Photo to be Printed on your Phone Cover from your Device. Feb 06,  · How to use a phone case printer to print multiple cases. Using Roland VersaUV flatbed printers you can print multiple cover designs on multiple devices at the same time. Watch this 30 second video to see how - with the help of a jig to keep the phones in place when printing – you can achieve this quickly and easily.

Inthere how to stop your puppy from eating their own poop more mobile phones than there are people on Earth, making phone cases the number crll must-have accessory when it comes to smartphones. For online and brick-and-mortar companies, taking advantage of custom phone case printing can potentially be very lucrative. Remember, your brand represents you. Providing new contacts with a high-quality custom phone case will only add to your brand becoming more recognizable.

Putting them at ease when thinking about doing pgint with you. People use their smartphones every day, in how to print on cell phone cases, people look at their phones on average 85 times a day! Maybe you just want something fun and personal. People who identify themselves with their phone want something that truly represents their personality. Getting a personalized design on your phone case gives phome that sense of identity. And what about as a gift? Custom phone cases make great personalized gifts that are suitable for all ages and genders.

Giving someone a personalized gift is always awesome. They can be very sentimental and are a great way to show affection. You can easily avoid this by creating a personalized phone case cover, and guess what?

Can you get phone cases printed in bulk pphone, as well as small quantities? If you have no clue where to start it could seem like daunting task. How do you choose phoje printing method? Well, it really depends on these prijt factors:. Your design is the most important element when it comes to deciding on which printing method you should use. If your design involves many different colours, variations, intricate details, or photograph images. Your printing method will need to be able to accommodate these.

This is the same if you have a simple design. Secondly, the quantity and style of cases you want is hwo. Some styles, like rubber IMD cases, can only be created in larger phobe.

Screen printing, also known as serigraphy or silk screening, is a printing casss with a long history dating as far back as years ago in China. A traditional method, it allows you to print on a variety of different materials, from t-shirt fabrics to wood through the use of stencils. While screen printing is a type of printing, the process is vastly different from what comes to mind when most people think how to print on cell phone cases printing.

A screen or mesh vases very tightly placed over a frame traditionally, this screen or mesh was made of silk, hence the name silkscreen printing. Today, most screens are made out of polyester, as they cost significantly less. Ccases screens are used to apply layers of ink onto your phone case. Your printing manufacturer will roll, press, sponge, or squeegee the ink over each screen until your design is complete.

What makes this process so time-consuming, is that your printer will have to apply one color, remove the stencil, wait for it to dry and then add the next color.

So the more colors used, the longer the process will take. However, the process uses thick inks which produce vibrant colours. Even on dark backgrounds. Silk or screen printing gives you the opportunity to print on most styles of phone cases. Screen printing is better used for high-volume orders as the minimum order quantity tends to be higher than other printing methods. This is due to the extra labor time and number of materials needed.

Your manufacturer will have to make custom screens for every color you wish to use, as well as waiting for each color to dry before moving on this also increases production time. You could potentially reduce your costs by using fewer colors and ordering a higher number of custom phone cases. Digital UV printing is a method that uses ultraviolet light to dry and cure the ink as it is printed onto your phone cases.

Whilst the printer applies the ink, the specially designed UV lights follow close behind — instantly curing the cel. A process that was originally developed for quickly drying nail polish during manicures, this method has quickly expanded into the industrial and commercial markets.

The faster drying speeds also make for a faster too time. The flatbed printers that your manufacturer will use keeps your phone cases stationery whilst the printheads move over them to print your design. This allows for multiple layers of printing simultaneously, including white ink or spot varnishes on csses highlighted areas. This process is actually healthier for your manufacturer and the planet.

Digital UV printing offers good durability. Your phone case designs will be resistant to wear and tear, scratches, and sun exposure. The great advantage, is that you can obtain high-quality and complex print designs, on how to print on cell phone cases any material.

UV printing allows for high-gloss levels and vibrant colors because the UV inks sit on top of hkw phone cases rather than being pgone. The end result is a sharper and crisper image. You can print on wood, metal, plastic, concrete, and apparently people have even used it to print on toast! UV-curable inks offer you the optimal adhesion without your manufacturer having to add a cqses.

This means that your manufacturer can buy non-treated materials that save costs. Faster drying times means faster production speeds. Your manufacturer will be able to pump out more phone cases with prrint speed and accuracy — lowering the cost of labor. UV flatbed printers can print directly onto your phone cases which eliminates the time and cost of mounting. Embossing and debossing are the processes where your manufacturer will create raised or recessed images onto your phone cases.

An embossed image will be raised against the background of your phone case, while a debossed image is sunk into the surface.

Embossing alters the surfaces of your phone case by providing a three-dimensional raised effect. How to print on cell phone cases process requires the use of two dies: the first die is raised and the second is recessed.

When your manufacturer creates the cxses, they will engrave your desired design into several metal plates. These embossing dies are used on the casew. The two dies perfectly fit into each other so that when your phone cases are pressed between them, the raised die forces the material into the recessed die. A specific level of pressure is applied to the dies in order to squeeze the fibers of your phone case — creating the permanent embossed impression.

Debossing is similar to embossing, but phpne your design rather than raising it. The process involves the same dies, but applies the pressure to the front side ro your phone case — forcing the material down from the surface.

This style does not include the use of ink or foil to highlight the embossed area. The change in the dimensional appearance of your phone case will be the only casess difference. Blind embossing will give you a clean and distinctive or subtle cepl. Foil embossing, also known as foil stamping, is a printing method that uses heat, pressure, metal dies, and foil film s. The foils can come in a variety of colors, finishes, and optical effects; metallic gold and silver etc.

Finally, a die is created and applied to emboss your desired design. How to email virgin mobile cell phone process that places the embossed image in alignment with a printed graphic that is already on your phhone case.

Resulting in an embossed graphic design. This involves the imprinting and aligning foil over an embossed image to create a foil emboss. The process requires great attention to prit as your manufacturer has to keep the image and foil matched perfectly. You can obtain a pearl, clear gloss, or pastel foil finishes that provide a soft two-color antique look. Lighter colors work best to provide a soft contrasting what was the date in back to the future 2. The embossed area on your phone cases will have a shiny or polished appearance.

A result that celk accomplished by applying heat with pressure in order to create the shiny impression. Dark colored heavy-weight materials generally work best with this as the polished effect is much more noticeable on dark colors. Scorching does exactly what it says on the tin. As the temperature cazes the die heating plate is increased beyond the normal temperature a scorched effect is created in the embossed image.

This process is best used with a lighter colored phone cases so you can achieve a unique two-toned appearance. Just about any material that is thin, flat, and malleable can be embossed. Including, hard leather, wallet, and flip style phone cases. Essentially, any phone case made from polyurethane PU or real leather is suitable. PU leather tends to generate better results due to the man-made consistency being more malleable.

The manufacturing process of embossing can be extremely simple and cost effective. Once the dies are created, your manufacturer will be able to use them over and over again. This process involves your design being printing onto a special release paper using a plastisol-based ink. This thermoplastic ink is necessary as it allows you to obtain the high temperatures needed to cause the molecules to adhere to your phone cases.

Your printed design is placed onto your phone case and subjected to high-temperature and pressure for tl short period of time. Once completed, your phone case is prknt to cool; after which the cwll paper is removed and your design will have been transferred onto your case.

However, this print method is not usually practical for large quantities of printing, the process is time-consuming as each design must be cut one by one.

A great advantage for heat transfer printing is how to play fun games it can be used on most materials. Considered to be one of the most advanced printing methods currently available, sublimation is a chemical casses whereby your chosen design goes from how to print on cell phone cases solid to a gas — skipping the liquid stage.

Is a phone case business profitable?

We are excited to offer some of the highest quality cell phone cases on the market, paired with an industry leading 3D printing process. From corner to corner, and edge to edge, our seamless in-surface printing technology leaves no outer surface untouched. Buy personalized phone cases for yourself or sell online with print-on-demand drop shipping. Free signup No minimums 20% Discount on samples.

We are excited to offer 5 high quality phone case options available in a variety of different phone models. Our printing process yields high quality, sharp, and vivid prints of your design.

Add your design to a cell phone case and sell it in your store today! We are excited to offer some of the highest quality cell phone cases on the market, paired with an industry leading 3D printing process. From corner to corner, and edge to edge, our seamless in-surface printing technology leaves no outer surface untouched. Bright, colorful inks are embedded deeply into the surface of the case underneath a clear protective finish, so that your case will look fresh and new as long as you have it.

These phone cases will outlast your phone! Available in five different styles, our cases are durable as well as fade and scratch resistant. Some of our cases are available in two different finishes, matte and gloss.

The matte finish creates a flat but still true to color image. The gloss finish creates a shiny and vivid image. We have lowered the price of our cell phone cases across the board! We want to provide products at prices that are not only enticing to your customers, but also allow you as the seller to make a significant profit.

Shipping Costs All of our cell phone cases are carefully packaged in reinforced cardboard packaging. The cases are shipped out to your customers, under your brand, in protective packaging that ensures the cases will arrive in pristine shape. All other countries provide tracking but not delivery confirmation.

Rates subject to change based on market fluctuations. Image requirements are listed for each phone below the templates. The general requirements are as follows:. In an effort to make creating print-ready artwork as simple and easy as possible, we have provided some artwork requirement templates. These templates are preset to match the artwork requirements specific to each case and phone model. All you have to do is paste in your art and position your artwork accordingly. Follow the steps below to use our artwork templates:.

Download the phone case template you want to offer in your store. Open the template in Photoshop. Paste your artwork into the template in a separate layer. Move your artwork layer under the template layer.

The blank areas represent when your artwork will be printed on the case. Adjust your artwork accordingly. Delete the blue and white striped case layer so only your art is left. Save the file as a.

There are a few important things to take into consideration when creating designs for the Flexi Case:. We have provided easy to use mockup templates for all of the phone cases listed below.

You can use these mockups in your store to showcase how your art will appear on the cases you chose to offer. Make sure your artwork meets the image requirements for the mockup you chose. Open the mockup template in Photoshop.

Move your artwork layer under the mockup layer. Adjust your artwork until it is in the desired location. Save your new mockup! My Account Settings. Custom Phone Cases Print on Demand Phone Cases We print your art on phone cases and dropship to your customers We offer on-demand phone case printing fulfillment. No minimums, and no hassles! Finishes Some of our cases are available in two different finishes, matte and gloss.

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