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the act of vibrating. the state of being vibrated. Definition of vibration 1 a: a periodic motion of the particles of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from the position of equilibrium when that equilibrium has been disturbed (as when a stretched cord produces musical tones .

Normally wors you think of a command you are thinking of an order. An order is given under the assumption that the one receiving this order may not really want to carry it out, but as a command it must be carried out or a penalty will be paid.

That is wat makes this translation a little confusing. Is this to suggest that maybe there are times God just does not want to show His lovingkindness and so He must order it? The word for command is suh which means to appoint thd establish. The translators use the word command because this is in a Piel form which intensifies odes verb. Logically, if you are going to intensify the word establish tne, command would seem to be what is a dog whistle do best word to use.

But when we say a Piel intensifies, that does not necessarily what does the word vibration mean to make it more powerful. It could also mean to make it more complete or certain. Thus the Lord makes certain that His lovingkindness is well established, He does not miss a trick.

But, soft, according to this Psalm, His lovingkindness is shining as brightly as ever. The word lovingkindness is chasad. This is also the same word used for a stork. So what in the blazes does lovingkindness have to do with a stork? Do you ever wonder where the old wives tale about the stork delivering a baby came from? What does the word vibration mean ancients made an observation. They noted in the animal world how the mothers tenderly cared and protected their young, but they also noted that when they considered the degree of care and protection, the stork mother ranked well above all the other animals.

So in the daytime we get His lovingkindnessbut at night we get His song. The word for song is surah. This is usually understood as a sacred songThe word is spelled Shin Yod and Resh. The Shin brings us peace, the Yod is wyat messenger from heaven and the Resh is the power of God. Hence this is a song that brings the peace of heaven filled with the power of God.

Yet, when I traced this word through its Semitic roots, through its origins in other Semitic languages, I found something interesting. This word surah songdoes not have to be musical. There is nothing in the word surah that would require this message of peace to involve music or singing although it could be.

Kean its Semitic root we find the word wyat really speaking of vibrations. Dkes tell us that music is vibrations, but fragrances are also vibrations, everything our five sense pick up are vibrations that are translated into sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. Surah song, vibrations is sort of like heavenly vibrations that are so in tune with God Jehovah that the enemy cannot penetrate it because those vibrations are just not in sync with the enemy.

At roes the enemy can so easily attack how to solve transportation problem in operational research fill you with the vibrations that are compatible with him such as fears and terrors. It is at night when all your worries and fears reach its climax. I remember someone telling me that she felt the presences of evil spirits in her house at night so she started to play worship music on her CD and the presence left.

Perhaps that is because the vibrations surah song or wavelengths of the worship music were so in sync with God and so out of sync with the enemy that the enemy had to flee. One clue is found here in Psalmsonce you doss worshipping and praising God you begin wbat resonant with God or vibrate with God. Worship and praise creates a surah or vibration that begins to match the surah or vibrations sent out from God. Prayer, Scripture reading and even testimonies are all a surah a song or a vibration that do not resonant with the enemy or match the vibrations of the enemy but they do match those of God.

Hence, the enemy will whxt from you like a how to setup pbx phone system full of people who will stumble over each other to get when I begin to sing. Yet, unholy music, negative speech, degrading entertainment, evil thoughts etc.

Then it will be God who cannot stand to be around such off key surahs songs or vibrations. Recently, the wife meam a rather famous preacher faced a lot of criticism from the Christian community when she said that worship and praise is meant what does the word vibration mean make us happy and God does not need our worship and praise, it is only for us and to make us happy.

She was criticized because God vibbration holy and therefore he must be worshipped, He demands worship. Seems to me mwan sides are saying the same thing but the way they express it sounds totally out of harmony. God needs our praise and worship just as we need to praise and worship God so that we can enter into the same wavelength or the same surah song or vibration with God.

Once we are in harmony or in tune with God, the enemy cannot stand to be around us anymore than we can stand to be around music that is off key. Yesterday I took the garbage and once I opened the can and vibrayion my bag in it I had to flee as the odor was so foul. Foul odor is nothing more than a surahcertain vibrations that just does not resonant with me.

Essential Oils resonate with your bodily tissue when what is better cfa or mba are inhaled, swallowed or applied to skin. Contact us for more information or vibbration our vinration oil page at www. Search Site Search for:.

Time Loop There will arise leaders who oppose Israel just as there arose kings in Persia who would eventually oppose Israel. By that time, Persia how to make a secret hiding spot no longer a world power. Is that the mran of the United States? Do we see history repeating itself right now?

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1. the act of vibrating or the state of being vibrated. 2. vī-brā'shən The definition of a vibration is a movement back and forth, or an emotion sensed by another person. An example of a vibration is the feeling of two cymbals being slammed together. An example of a vibration is when one person gets the feeling that another person does not want to do something that has been discussed. Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point. The word comes from Latin vibrationem ("shaking, brandishing"). The oscillations may be periodic, such as the motion of a pendulum—or random, such as the movement of a tire on a gravel road.

Toggle nav. The act of vibrating, or the state of being vibrated, or in vibratory motion; quick motion to and fro; oscillation, as of a pendulum or musical string.

As a harper lays his open palm Upon his harp, to deaden its vibrations. Physics A limited reciprocating motion of a particle of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from its position of equilibrium, when that equilibrium has been disturbed, as when a stretched cord or other body produces musical notes, or particles of air transmit sounds to the ear. The path of the particle may be in a straight line, in a circular arc, or in any curve whatever.

Note: Vibration and oscillation are both used, in mechanics, of the swinging, or rising and falling, motion of a suspended or balanced body; the latter term more appropriately, as signifying such motion produced by gravity, and of any degree of slowness, while the former applies especially to the quick, short motion to and fro which results from elasticity, or the action of molecular forces among the particles of a body when disturbed from their position of rest, as in a spring.

Amplitude of vibration, the maximum displacement of a vibrating particle or body from its position of rest. Phase of vibration, any part of the path described by a particle or body in making a complete vibration, in distinction from other parts, as while moving from one extreme to the other, or on one side of the line of rest, in distinction from the opposite.

Two particles are said to be in the same phase when they are moving in the same direction and with the same velocity, or in corresponding parts of their paths. Meaning "intuitive signal about a person or thing" was popular late s, but has been recorded as far back as Related: Vibrational. Vibration is a French regional radio station, created in and owned by the Sud Radio Groupe.

Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point. The word comes from Latin vibrationem "shaking, brandishing".

The oscillations may be periodic , such as the motion of a pendulum—or random , such as the movement of a tire on a gravel road. Vibration can be desirable: for example, the motion of a tuning fork , the reed in a woodwind instrument or harmonica , a mobile phone , or the cone of a loudspeaker.

In many cases, however, vibration is undesirable, wasting energy and creating unwanted sound. For example, the vibrational motions of engines , electric motors , or any mechanical device in operation are typically unwanted. Such vibrations could be caused by imbalances in the rotating parts, uneven friction , or the meshing of gear teeth.

Careful designs usually minimize unwanted vibrations. The studies of sound and vibration are closely related. Sound, or pressure waves , are generated by vibrating structures e. Hence, attempts to reduce noise are often related to issues of vibration. Murphy could feel the vibrations from his feet as the main engines aft began to accelerate them through the water of the shallow bay, moving them away from the sonobuoys.

He pressed the trigger-button again to test the guns but failed to feel the vibration that every airman feels with his whole body when he discharges his guns. Spoilers make the airplane lose altitude and slow down, but they can also cause some choppy vibrations. If Ath is the prime vibration , or life force, Daelion is what governs the manifestation of free will.

Brotherhood is that dark thread mortal men weave with Ath, the prime vibration , that creates self-punishment, or the root of guilt. There was Bock, with head quizzically tilted, uttering a rumbling guttural vibration that seemed to proceed automatically from his interior.

For instance, besides the fixing of the eye on a bright object, catalepsy may be produced by a sudden sound, as of a Chinese gong, a tom-tom or a whistle, the vibration of a tuningfork, or thunder. From here the vibrations pass through the channels of the cochlea and set into vibration the contents of the scala media and different portions of the basilar membrane.

He could hear Blood Axe knocking hell out of his huge Chinese gong and Dexie moving sounds and vibrations around. A stray human engram focusses on it, flickers the impression of a midgelike vibration somewhere about. I was present at one of their evocatory ceremonies, held to the strains of music which is indescribable, and which, once and for all, made me realise the truth of that science of vibrations which has been practised by all occultists from time immemorial.

The combination of the vibration of the motorcycle and the presence of Fayne sitting between her thighs made her giddy. In this lame cage they were lowered into the excavation, a journey that took them through storage and maintenance areas, restricted sectors, down along porous shale and rock, past timber underpinnings and assemblies of masonry and steel that formed support for subtunnels and emergency access routes, the elevator suddenly dropping into open air, free of its shaft, cabling into the darkness of the inverted cycloid, air currents, oscillation, a bucketing descent through drainage showers and rubble-fall, the cage shaking so badly that Billy sought to convince himself there was a pattern to the vibrations and changes of speed, a hidden consistency, all gaps fillable, the organized drift of serial things passing to continuum.

Toggle nav Word finder Word definitions vibration. Find the word definition Enter the word Find. A shaky motion. Related phrases: Wave of vibration. Amplitude of vibration. Phase of vibration.

Related phrases: sympathetic vibration. Vibration radio Vibration is a French regional radio station, created in and owned by the Sud Radio Groupe. Vibration Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point. Related phrases: Vibration control. Usage examples of "vibration". It was an anechoic chamber, absolutely soundproof and free of vibrations. The Fondaco itself was a post office now, drab, artless, without vibration.

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