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Up your game with free cardschat membership. Remember Me? Forgot Password? October 6th,AM. Ok, now i have been playing now ignition, before bovada, and at one-time Bodog at least when still available in the US for over 10 yrs predoom bovqda US poker - And November 30th,PM. Vovada always frustrating when a poker site makes changes and those changes also seem to change the whole feel of the site and the way poker is played.

It is enough to make you feel suspicious, but hey, you made the right move for you and what do bald eagle feathers look like elsewhere. Good luck with wherever you end up. BB Originally Posted bodogg djasset. December 28th,What happened to bodog bovada. I second that!

I used to play on Ignition about 2 years ago when they rolled everyone over from Bovada. The games were pretty much straight up and gameplay was about what you'd expect based on the stakes.

I decided to jump back into Ignition about a month ago and it really does seem like my opponents are sitting right behind me looking over my shoulder. Doesn't make sense at wjat. December 28th,PM. Hwppened all these sites that let Americans play and the others as well. If they dont give the bad players there 3 outers or less at a higher rate then ahat then they would lose ALOT of business. I play alot of live and you just dont see these 1 to 3 outers as common like they are online.

Kokopelli liked this post. Thanks for contacting Customer Service. What can I do for you today? I'd be happy to look into that for you. First I'll need to verify your account. Please provide your 4 digit pin and your date of birth.

Thank you for verifying your identity. Can you please hold for minutes while I look into this for you? What device are you using to access your tournaments? Are you using the poker lobby or how to make minecraft tools through a what happened to bodog bovada I would recommend doing some troubleshooting steps. Try clearing the cache and cookies for the poker lobby.

Close your poker client. In your File Explorer select view and place a tick in the HiddenItems boeog. Then reopen the client and login. I also see that you use your card to make your deposits. Have you ever thought of using bitcoin? It's cheaper and more guaranteed. It's also the fastest way of getting your withdrawal funds, as it takes approximately 15 minutes to receive hpapened after being reviewed and approved by the Financial team. We have reviewed and you were the only what happens to power usage effectiveness pue after you virtualize affected.

T issue seems to be with the device you're using. I would recommend doing the troubleshooting steps to have the issue resolved before entering another tournament. Your withdrawal is in the review stages. Itr was submitted on the 26th and usually takes approximately hours to be reviewed. Monitor your bitcoin cash wallet periodically for updates.

If you're still having issues while playing from the poker lobby, you can access your tournaments by logging in through google chrome browser and accessing your tournaments. I would also recommend clearing your browser history and cache and cookies as often as possible. You may need to try using the browser or using shat device. We have checked on pour what happened to bodog bovada and we're not having any technical issues and no other player was affected.

I see you had disconnection issues on that tournament but we can also confirm that it was not an issue on our end. You had the issue after you registered for the tournament. I have reviewed all the necessary information and we can confirm that you're the only one who had any sort of connection issues. It was definitely not an issue on our and i would recommend trying the troubleshooting steps mentioned.

If you wish to dispute further you can happpened us at at your how to hack mobile via bluetooth convenience.

We're uanble to issue a refund compensation as you've already received an exception yesterday here is the screenshot that shows not only did no other player join, but even i wasn't seated at the table! Ya that's weird, sounds like software issue. Strange because I've only had positive experiences with Ignition. December 29th,PM. I was having the exact issue with the jackpots. I also had happehed with Knockout tournaments and they would refuse to refund me. I ended up disputing it with my bank and haven't given them another penny.

Bovada's customer service wyat horrible they are the same as Ignition. Pokerstars and Sportsbook are a million times better. They will give the same excuse "nobody else was effected" well the wait time is over an hr and I am sure it's because others are being effected.

I stopped using them months ago and couldn't be happier. You are what happened to bodog bovada if you get into the tournament with freezing or issue. Then you get there and everyone is just a number, no real way to track the history of a player over a variety of tournaments, tp if that isn't bad enough you have no chat option!

They say that people abused the chat. Well they also had an option to turn chat off, if someone didn't like chat they didn't need to have it on yet Bovada removed it entirely. Very fishy. I left the site and recommend anyone else with Bivada other option happeened the same.

I always new this site was shady. If your annonymus it bogada it preety easy to be on there. Or just the random hacker. Dont ever play on there. FeltPimp liked this post.

I was whxt the same trouble with one outer until I found sportsbetting. I win and I have fun here. SwC poker Godog with Clubs I play there and do reasonably hpapened in both tourney and cash games. Seals With Clubs I am what happened to bodog bovada bummed I played there for a couple of days back in and cashed in a couple of games. I go to my bank haappened and it said I was in some weird thing called Whaf. At the time a whole bit coin was only worth a couple of bucks.

I had 2 of them. Anyway, I was like what the hell is bitcoin, govada this site. Fast forward to a few years ago and I tried to find my old account and it is gone. Originally What to do for my girlfriend on her birthday by ayewayfilms. I have had some of the craziest hands come out on this site all you have to do is play on the twitter freeroll they have and you will see some craziest flops and turns somebody always got the how to revenge ex boyfriend you believe just think in your mind they have it because 9 out of 10 tissue site give a player a good hand you just got to wait your turn h!

Bodog is sketchy cause there client keeps crashing and they make you launder the money out with bitcoin nodog. Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community ofmembers in countries. About Us Contact Us Sitemap. Responsible Gambling. Why more thanpoker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. We do too! Join more thanactive members on our forum.

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Dec 29,  · This is a discussion on IGNITION/BOVADA/BODOG - Total Scam within the online poker forums, in the Poker Rooms section; Ok, now i have been playing now ignition, before bovada. Aug 18,  · Re: Unofficial Bodog/Bovada/Ignition Thread I've been playing on ignition for many years now and there have been times where it's been laggy but never as bad as today. The only hu sng I've played today I was up to Apr 19,  · But BoDog/Bovada always seemed to be very "keep players happy", Covering overlays of 70K+, back in the day of there Sunday K tournament. If .

Originally Posted by tK Bruce. Originally Posted by FF3. I was in 2nd place in the 40k. We had about 60 left of I'll take that I can see streamers on twitch playing but i can't get on edit - looks like many are.

I didnt receive anything for this tournament and support is ignoring me. No refund as of yet here either. Originally Posted by tgiggity. So what happens when you get two tickets to the same tournament?

Can extra tickets be reimbursed? I'm playing two satties for the same tournament, and I just won a ticket, so I'm wondering if I should play through this second one or not. Edit: Nevermind. I see that the tournament I got the ticket for is a rebuy, so extra tickets will help. If anyone is thinking of calling in to get a refund, don't bother.

Been on hold for 25 minutes. Probably better to wait until Monday to call in. They said they're working on refunding players that were active in tournaments last night and those refunds should occur today. Assuming it will be some sort of ICM chip chop like I've seen them do in the past. Last edited by PokerGerli; at PM. Originally Posted by letopancakes.

Bovada appears to be running normally for me again. Anyone else notice that re-entries aren't being added into the prize pool for tournaments?

Originally Posted by PokerGerli. Reason: re-word. In the MTT lobby the of entries includes the re-entries , which is kinda confusing and threw me off, initially. You're right - they just display it oddly. The entrant count includes re-entries, so they are including them in the prize pool. I must just be paranoid because so much is jacked up with their software this weekend.

I've been playing on ignition for many years now and there have been times where it's been laggy but never as bad as today. The only hu sng I've played today I was up to Got disconnected on their end, the sng froze, by the time I was able to get back in I was only up to The lag continued after I reconnected and their were multiple hands after where I got timed out but could still see the button moving and the hands playing.

At one point we even both got timed out and the button was just moving back and forth passing our blinds to each other. After the sng froze the first time I immediately called them to tell them what happened and was able to get someone on the phone. I was in the tournament but wasn't able to play most of my hands after getting back into the tournament, it kept forcing me to timeout.

When I got on the phone with an employee, me and my opponent were even in chips. It took the employee a few minutes to pull up my info and by the time he pulled it up the tourney was over and I had lost.

My opponent never lost chips because of a forced timeout, he was only timed out when I was too so the blinds were just going back and forth.

I asked for a refund and they wouldn't give it to me because they said I was able to reconnect and play again. They act like I was trying to freeroll them but I wasn't, I was frustrated about going from nearly a 2 to 1 chip lead to almost even in chips so I called immediately after that happened instead of waiting for the tournament to end.

What should they do in this situation? Personally I feel like they should have canceled the tourney and gave us both refunds. There would have been a perfect time to cancel the tourney and that was when we were equal in chips, while we we were both timed out unable to play; unfortunately the employee was working on pulling the tourney up at that time but wasn't able to fast enough.

Here is my suggestion if this happens to someone else: if you get disconnected on ignition's end they will only take responsibility as long as you don't go back in the tourney and continue playing. They told me had I not played in the tourney after I got disconnected and the table froze, then they would have gave me the refund. I get why they try to handle these situations this way, as to not get freerolled but the way they do it is very shady and completely dishonest. If you re enter a sng after being disconnected they pretend like you got disconnected because of your internet, not ignition's servers.

But if you don't continue playing after the disconnect and call them, then and only then will they admit fault and give a refund. Absolutely stupid , dangerous to have.

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