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Clocks showing the time in various cities known for their stock exchanges or bourses are a constant presence on the walls of any trading floor in the world. Check market times below: GMT + wb_sunny DST AM. Paris. GMT + wb_sunny DST AM. Frankfurt. When is the New York Stock Exchange open for trading? The New York Stock Exchange is open Monday through Friday from am to pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT). Does the New York Stock Exchange close for Lunch? No, the New York Stock Exchange does not close for lunch. Many markets in Asia and a few markets in the Middle East close for.

Boris Johnson has been warned that a planned coal mine in Cumbria is damaging his reputation, at a time he wants to lead the world on climate change. Supporters say the mine will create hundreds of jobs and produce coal needed for UK steel, but government climate advisers say it is bad for the planet. Cumbria County Council had originally backed plans for the new mine, but is now reviewing its decision. The area, in north-west England, is dominated by the giant Sellafield nuclear plant, and West Cumbria Mining promises hundreds of well-paid jobs.

Coal from the mine could support steel-making in the UK and using British coal would save the carbon emitted by shipping it from Australia or North America. The UK, along with other countries, has agreed to drastically cut carbon. The government's climate advisory Climate Change Committee also worries that allowing this mine to open would cause more problems.

What does eden mean in the bible says to meet its carbon-cutting timetable, steel firms must stop burning coal by - unless they fit expensive technology to capture the emissions and bury them underground.

In November the UK is holding a mission-critical how to make baked ziti with ricotta cheese summit and some members fear the mine row will undermine the prime minister's leadership. One said a supply of Cumbrian coal would allow his firm to save some cash by making more flexible orders.

But he, what time does us stock market open gmt other industry figures I approached, said there were reliable supplies of suitable coal on the world market, and that Cumbrian coal was not essential for their business. Steel-making is a problem area for climate change, but firms are developing technologies like electric arc furnaces - which melt down recycled steel - and hydrogen, which can be used to make steel for cars.

Supporters of the mine say coal will definitely be needed for steel after the climate committee's deadline. But the European steel industry, Eurofer, told me clean steel technologies might be available by then - so long as governments support research and development, and block unfair competition from dirty steel imports. The firm says the mine will create jobs, but sceptics think that's exaggerated.

Tankless water heater how to in the area is less than the national average, but over 40 Conservative MPs have signed a letter in support of the mine. An independent report next month will outline opportunities for Cumbrian what time does us stock market open gmt jobs in areas like renewables, recycling and public transport.

But these may look uncertain compared with hundreds of jobs in a mine. Every nation accepts that carbon emissions should be cut immediately. But countries with valuable fossil fuel reserves don't want to abandon them and the jobs they sustain - even if renewables technologies may be creating more jobs elsewhere. The UK is phasing out coal for electricity from but ministers suggest there's still a case for producing suitable coal for steel.

The issue is embarrassing for the UK, because it initiated the global "Powering Past Coal" alliance of countries seeking to persuade others to swap jobs in coal for jobs in clean sectors.

Cumbrian councillors will reconsider the mine application in the next few weeks in the light of the climate change evidence that wasn't available last time they considered it.

If they kill the project, the prime minister will breathe a sigh of relief because it's out of his hands. If they grant approval again it will be up to Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick to decide again whether to over-rule it. Under planning law he's supposed to make that decision without referring to his colleagues.

But it's barely conceivable that Boris Johnson, with his reputation on the line, won't find a way of pointing him in the right direction - whichever way he thinks that is. Follow Roger on Twitter rharrabin.

What is the case for the mine? Why do environmentalists oppose it? Does the UK steel industry need Cumbrian coal? This is a controversial issue and few in the industry are prepared to speak publicly. They also think investors will want to put money into clean steel production in future. What is climate change? Six questions about the Cumbria coal controversy Coal mine plan to be re-examined.

What are the alternatives to coal for the steel industry? What about the jobs? Are other countries facing the same dilemmas? So what happens now? Related Topics. Whitehaven coal mine Coal mining Steel industry Climate change.

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What is GMT? Time Zones Time Gadgets Timepieces. New York Stock Exchange 11 Wall Street, New York, NY USA. NYSE Overview. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the world’s leading and most technologically advanced equities market. The NYSE is by far the world’s largest market, and more capital is raised at the NYSE than in any other. All times are Eastern Time. ** Each market will close early at p.m. ( p.m. for eligible options) on Friday, November 26, , Friday, November 25, , . Hollysys Automation Technologies to Announce Fiscal Year and the Fourth Quarter Financial Results and Host Earnings Conference Call on August 14, US ET PR Newswire Jul PM.

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